How to import and edit an av with Squire.

There are four basic sections of the AV Importer.

The left hand image, in the red rectangle, is where you load up the original pic.
The middle image, in the green rectangle, is where you navigate
an AV sized section of the original that is in "RGB" format.
The right hand image, in the blue rectangle, is a paletted version of the middle section.
This is what your AV will look like once you export it and import it into palace.
The purple section is a series of controls you use to manipulate the center section
and eventually, after some trial and error, produce the right paletted image.

Here is what the full size AV Importer looks like

Step by step

First you click on Load, and use the standard windows File Open box to find your pic.

The original image will be loaded into the left hand side. If it is larger than the view window,
you can use the two sliders on the sides to move the visible part over the full size image. (Left pic below)

In the right pic above you can see the effects of using the resize feature. The original image has been
resized using the "reduce" mode to 1/2 its original size. You can use the slider or the buttons to resize.
The four different resie modes all you to experiment to see which works best on a given image.

The above pic shows how you can use the two
sliders to move the RGB section over the left
image to find the best part to use for your AV.
On the left you can see the controls which you
can use to adjust the RGB section.
As well as the "Dither mode" selections.
Which are used to find the best method of
converting the RGB AV sized image into the
Palace paletted AV that you will export.
The controls in this image are at the defaults.
The next image shows how some trial and error
can help to make the AV a bit better looking.

Notice that the brightness and contrast have been increased, and I have made a few minor
adjustments to the color balance sliders. I make changes and click "Preview" to see their effect.

Once you are satisfied with the image in the AV preview. You can click on EDITOR or EXPORT.
If you click EXPORT, you can then click inside Palace on Edit, and then on Paste Multiple Props.
This brings the AV into Palace. You can check it by clicking on Options, and then Prop Window.

You can then see the individual props inside your prop window.

This has covered the AV Importer. There is also an AV Editor. ( Av Editor Tutorial )
Which you can use to edit the imported AV before you bring it into palace.

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