Squire Overview

Squire consists of 4 basic palace tools rolled into one program.

Av Importer/ Av Editor

   The Av Importer/Editor allow you to load a pic (JPG/GIF/BMP), resize, modify, paletize,
and export it into the windows clipboard. You can then import it into your palace client.

How to import and edit an av with Squire

Cyborg Editor

   The Cyborg Editor loads each section of your cyborg.ipt file into its own edit window.
This makes it easier for new users to add scripts to the right section.
It also has a built in browser that links to some iptscrae lessons.

How edit you borg with Squire.

Bookmark Manager

   The Bookmark Manager allows you to maintain a lengthy list of bookmarks.
You can launch palace and go to any of them by double clicking.
It also has a search function, and you can import and export the palace client bookmarks.

How manage your boookmarks with Squire.

Palace Files Utility

   The Palace Files Utility lets you to keep multiple sets of your main palace files
(AVs, Props, Bookmarks, and Cyborg).
You can use these to keep backups and or to have a different set for each user.

How manage your palace files with Squire.

Squire Tutorials

Palace Tools