Ask My Friend To be yours.

It may apear to you that I walk alone,
though that is far from the truth.
You see theres one who walks with me,
and has done so from my youth.

His hand is on my shoulder when I cry,
His smile warms my heart when I am lonely.
His friendship none who knows Him could deny,
and I would be most blessed if i had Him only.

For nothing in this world could ever cause me,
to lay aside the one who keeps my heart.
He is my cherished friend, and always shall be,
for He has promised me that we shall never part.

My truest friend, only hope, and dearest companion
is the one who also calls out to your heart.
If you open its door, is Him you'll see there standing,
waiting for your relationship to start.

Open up and let my Jesus in,
He'll bring you joy and peace beyond understanding,
and cleanse you from the stain of sin,
and you will see your life begin expanding.

Copyright 5/18/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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