Heaven's breath

Heaven's breath fills your heart,
your joyous smile shows its true.

Your faith and love and boundless joy,
all testify that it lives in you.

You shine with light from God's own heart,
and fill the world with the wonder of love.

Your are radient as only the princes bride could be,
having been called and chosen from above.

Make yourself ready, oh cherished love,
so that you might join the one who bought you.

For all the royal court awaits, as does creation,
for your marriage to start the world anew.

Come unto me, ye who are weary and heavy laden,
and I will give your anxious hearts rest.

Come join my wedding feast of true love,
and partake of that which of all things is best.

I have purchased and bought you from every tongue,
from all nations and kindreds alike I have called you to me.

Come my beloved, bought with my blood,
oh, what a radient bride you shall be.

Copyright 5/12/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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