Do you See?

When I found you, you were so greatly in need of Love,
so I reached down to you and called sweetly from above.

But you thought I was like all of the rest,
so to show you I offered you my very best.

I opened my heart and poured it our with colorful verse,
but you spurned my heart and things turned for the worse.

I wept for you as my heart longed to draw you to me,
while you flirted and chased after empty fantasy.

I forgave, and loved more, saying someday she'll see,
but in the end it turned out that you did not love me.

I sent stand ins so that you'd have someone there,
so you'd know from their presence that I truly did care.

In the end I did all that was left for me to do,
I sent you my son so that he could reach you.

He cried out to you, come unto me, to show you whats best,
saying ye who are weary shall indeed find your rest.

Will you answer his call or hearden your heart?
How I long to be with you, then we'd never part.

Do you at last see my heart and hear me call,
as I long to love you and to be your all?

Copyright 5/9/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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