A poem to the fathers of two of my special sisters.

You made a child and walked away,
and I have got to up and say.

I know your daughter, and she is awesome,
how sad that you never got to see her blossom.

She's quite the friend and oh so cool,
I think you're such a total fool.

All the years, and all her tears,
wasted by your childish fears.

She lost a dad, and that is sad,
but think of what you could have had.

Her first stumbling steps, sweet hugs, and kisses,
all the wonderful things that my heart misses.

Someday, perhaps, I'll have a family, I can't wait,
but you walked or ran away and its getting late.

You missed so much of the things that make life worth living,
why not seek her out, you may find out that she's forgiving.

Perhaps its not to late to seek and find her,
and share the life of your wonderful daughter.

Take a chance and make her happy,
she needs her dad to be a loving pappy.

How sad to think that when your days have come to an end,
you'll sigh and wonder about what could have been.

When all the while she's longed for your arms to hold her,
as without a dad that precious young lady has gotten older.

You'll never read my words, yet someone like you may,
and, perhaps, seek out his lonely child someday.

A hug or a kiss is so much sweeter and lastes forever,
far longer than physical things, and so much better...

"I love you" can erase so much pain,
you might never get this chance again.

for Amber and Sara

Copyright 5/1/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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