Hands scared by Nails and Love - Copyright 5/17/98 by Dan Sharpe.

As I lay there broken hearted, tripped up by the sin,
hands scared by nails and love reached down and took me in.

He drew me to a breast of love and whispered soft to me,
I have come to give you life, and that abundantly.

Forget the past and all its pain and set your heart on me,
I'm the one who died for all to set the captives free.

Arms of love that held be close and gently lifted me,
words of grace and beauty sweet began to encourage me.

This is what I found in Him, and life abundantly,
a Saviour and a Healer for the wounds of life he'll be.

Cry out to Him who made the worlds and he will meet your need,
you'll soar on high and glorify the one who made you free.

Jesus, I remember that you came and lifted me,
showed me love, and made me to be free.

How can I repay the gift or ever thank you true,
words will fail and deeds fall short, but Lord I love you.

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