The Meaning Of True Love - Copyright 3/2/2002 by Dan Sharpe.

As I hung there on the cross and writhed in pain,
I looked out at the angels weeping on the plain.

I remembered Heaven where they chorused songs of glee,
as all of Heaven worshipped, adored, and cherished me.

I remembered why I left my home of peace and bliss,
and suffered life on earth for such a time as this.

I longed to have you with me, and by my very side.
As a cherished treasure, my spotless shining bride.

Yes I left Heaven's grandure and its warmth of love.
To share it all again with you and my Father up above.

I could not leave you orphans, crying in the dirt.
So I left heaven's glory to weep and bleed and hurt.

And soon it will be finished, my sorrow here on earth,
and you will be my treasure, my pearl of greatest worth.

I will hold you to me, in Heaven up above.
And you will know the meaning of true love.

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