My Brightest Dream - Copyright 1997 by Dan Sharpe

My dream is this, a marriage is a covenant between God and 2 humans, its a 3 person relationship a 3 person covenant.

I hope to make God a part of the daily relationship, for example, to set aside time each night to honor Him and each other.

Perhaps I would sit in a big chair, and my wife would sit in my lap, we would praise God together. Thanking Him openly for each other. Honoring the things in each other that we appreciate, and honoring Him while thanking Him for them.

That way He would be a constant part of our relationship.

We would lay aside whatever strife or discord their was each day before we began to worship Him.

My wife would always know how I felt about her, she would never be insecure. We would honor each other before Him, and it would be a positive thing, not a tearing down, but an edifying, a building up.

This time with my wife would include cuddling and a lot of emotional and physical contact as well as the underlying spiritual sharing.

I like to think of it this way, I would be making love to her on 3 levels:

Someday, when she became pregnant we would start to include our baby in the time of worship.

A baby is born knowing its moms voice, ours would know mine as well, because I would lay with my head in her lap, we would praise God together. It would know our voices lifted in praise, soft in worship, and it would KNOW Worship and Praise before it was even born.

In time the baby would grow up and be a part of that time of worship. We would include our children when we had more.

And our children would know daily why they are loved, why they are appreciated. They wouldn't have self-doubt, because they would be encouraged and loved.

And after they went to bed, mom and I would share alone like we used to.

Thats my dream in a nutshell. I am convinced that such a dream can be lived, and if it is, will produce a family that is whole spiritually, emotionally and in every way. I pray that you make my dream your own. That you live it with your own family.

God Bless you and yours!