Life has passsed me by.

A Hypothetical Poem of Repentance and Hope

So much of life has passed me by,
so many things it makes me sigh.

All of my choices made in vain haste,
have lead to nothing but a horible waste.

The broken, shattered, empty dreams,
and the heart that is breaking at its seams.

Each foolish act of selfishness,
chosen instead of that which is best.

Oh that I had spent my time serving Him,
instead of on vain and selfish whims.

Why did I let the years slip by,
till all I have left are the tears I cry.

Its never to late to change my fate,
I'll look to the savior and on him I will wait.

His hand will set my life aright,
and bring me out of this empty night.

His joy will fill my heart anew,
and bring me out of a life thats blue.

Father in Jesus precious name I pray,
make my life new, restore me today.

Thank You for hearing my humble plea,
and restoring again my life to me.

Thank You for Jesus your loving son,
in who my life has again begun.

Thanks for Your Spirit to lead me anew,
as I learn and live and love for You.

If you find that this poem fits you,
why not begin it again and follow it through.

Make its humble words your very own,
so that you can have the life you've not yet known.

Copyright 4/28/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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