Let it Rain

Each drop that falls washes away a bit of the grit.
Making everything fresh and new bit by bit.

Each time it rains it takes away pain.
Each tear that falls cleanses and helps us stay sane.

Like a warm summer shower they wash away stains,
till our lifes fresh, like a field right after it rains.

If you try to contain them you'll blow up someday,
for they're meant to carry hurt and sorrow away.

He who sows in tears will reap with a shout,
so never be ashamed to let them flow out.

Rain's quite natural as anyone can see.
So too God gave us tears to heal and be free.

Just as every storm must eventually give way,
so too will tears stop, and Joy brighten your day.

For if tears are for cleansing, then sunshine's for growth,
And you will never be fruitful without having them both!

Copyright 3/12/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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