Release - Copyright 12/4/98 by Dan Sharpe.

Father, you know before I even pray,
about the treasure that I bring to you today.

I've given you my life, and yielded my will,
humbled my heart, yet even still..

In all the days I've walked with You,
the times that I've failed, and when I've been true.

In all my days, somehow it seems,
I've never given You my dreams.

And now here I am, with heart in hand,
without the strength, even, to stand.

Today the treasure I that I lay at your feet,
is all that Iv'e hoped would make me complete.

The brightest of dreams, my hearts purest song,
I yield to You now for all my life long.

This gift I humbly give to you,
is all I've hoped and dreamed I'd do.

Now stripped of the beauty, naked and bare,
my heart clings to You in its deepest despair.

The treasure so bright and so full of alure,
pales in the light of Your love oh so sure.

You are my treasure, my hearts only song,
and all I will need for all my life long.

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