Just a few years back
I use to made money in stacks
watching their back for my crew that sold crack
But I left that all behind
and I aint looking back
I wont let life bring me down
before it gets me I attack

But I don't attack with a bat or a gun
I use to think that kinda life was a lot of fun
Now I attack with my mind and my heart
I guess thats what you call making a new start

I would sit in class and think it was a waste of time
Thinking about having fun and living a life of crime
But now my life is changing in so many ways
and when I think about it all I am just amazed

You see now Im trying hard to do the right thing
I found out that after the dark winter
there comes a warm sweet spring
I always thought that change would be very hard
and it is but I know I can do it if I keep on trusting God

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