Memories of Shannon - a fantasy - Copyright 4/14/98 by Dan Sharpe.

The paths we're walking are too different to combine,
but theres no denying whats in your heart and in mine.

I know I could have loved you, forever and a day,
but I cant follow that love, there's just no way.

Just let me hold you for a moment sublime,
pretend our lives are different and you are mine.

My love for God prevents my love for you,
but for one gentle moment I long to be one, not two.

I'll always think of you and shed a silent tear,
listen closely as I whisper in your precious ear.

Shannon, I love you sweetest lady, so beautiful and fair,
you deserve a man who'll bless you with love and tender care.

Hold me for a moment while all the world goes by,
feel a love that for the moment, I no longer can deny.

As I leave you and walk on with God, lets remember for all time,
in the void when tick gives way to tock, sweet one, you were mine.

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